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Game Design 101: Help, My Design is Too Complicated! by Entrogames

So you’ve been working on a game for awhile. It’s changed themes, mechanics, and rules more times than you can count…


You’re working on a game, and it’s a ‘kitchen sink’ sort of game. You’ve thrown everything you can think of into the game…

Either way, the feedback you’re getting from playtesting sounds like this:

  • It’s just too complex

  • I didn’t know what I was doing

  • The teach took too long

  • There’s a lot of mechanics

  • It feels like parts of the game are competing with each other for attention

Or you’re getting vibes like this:

  • Player’s eyes glazed over during the teach

  • Players kept asking questions over and over

  • Players kept referring to reference cards or the rules constantly

See the rest of Entrogames' article here:

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