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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m not a game designer. Can I just come in and play games?

A: Absolutely! No matter your level of game design experience, please feel free to attend our game nights, participate in our Facebook group, attend conventions, and get involved! We welcome anyone with interest in board games, RPG games, game design, play testing, or just looking for a good time.


Q: Can I bring my prototype to group playtest nights?

A: Yes! That’s what we’re here for. Whatever stage of development your game may be in, we’re happy to offer feedback and expert insight into game mechanics, design, promotion, etc.


Q: When do you meet?

A: We usually meet on the first Wednesday of the month at Fireside Pizza in Walnut Hills, Cincinnati. However, since the start of the pandemic, we’ve sometimes changed dates around to work with group-wide availability. Join our Facebook Group to see the most-up-to-date event info. 


Q: What is a “tabletop” game?

A: Simply put, tabletop games are any games that are played on top of a table or flat surface. This can include card games, dice games, board games, role playing games, strategy games, etc. Even if you’re not familiar with game design, you’ve likely played many tabletop games in your life!


Q: What is “playtesting?”

A: In game design terms, “playtesting” is the point of the creative process in which a game is first tried out by an audience. Playtesting is critical; it reveals the inner mechanisms of a game, such as usability, public reception, storyline quality, fun-ness, or any unanticipated technical issues. As a group that welcomes both board game devotees and newbies alike, our playtest nights offer game designers a variety of perspectives concerning their new games.


Q: Do you recommend any online resources?

A: Oh yes! One of our favorite tabletop-focused communities is Meeple Mountain. They have tons of great game reviews, articles, interviews, how to guides, videos, and more. Plus, our very own Gary Chavez is a guest author on the site! See some of his contributions here

In addition to Meeple Mountain, sites like and are great online communities for board game enthusiasts. 


Q: How do I contact you?

A: Visit our contact page to fill out a form, or shoot us an email at

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